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HEMPEL PAINT is produced and supplied in such a way that thinning is normally not necessary provided the paint is properly mixed/stirred. However, if the paint is to be applied in a low film thickness (for instance as a "sealer coat") or if the paint has become too thick, e.g. in cold weather, the HEMPEL THINNER(s) indicated on the product data sheet may be added to obtain a consistency most suitable for application. As a general rule, thinning should be kept at a minimum as the quality of the paint work will suffer from too liberal thinning. However, if application is to take place at high temperatures (air and/or steel), thinning may even beyond the limits mentioned on the data sheets exceptionally be necessary in order to avoid dry-spray and poor film formation. HEMPEL'S THINNERS are blended to give the best results with regard to brushability, spray properties, etc. In some cases ordinary solvents may substitute. As such products are beyond our control, we disclaim any responsibility for the results.In each case the respective product data sheet and - when available - the APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS should be consulted. As regards the use of THINNERS for cleaning of tools, see REMARKS overleaf.

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