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It is a two-componet, high build epoxy paint. It forms a hard and tough coating resistant to seawather, diesel oil, splashes from petrol and related products. Limited resistance to animal and vegetable oils and strong solvents such as ketones and esters. Not recommended for acids, alkalies, or oxidizing solutions. Hamless to grain cargo.

Area of use

As a selfprimed paint system or as an intermediate or finish coat in epoxy systems in severely corrosive environment. As a finishing coat where a cosmetic apperance is of less importance. As a sealer for metal-sprayed coatings or Zinc silicate primers in exposy systems. CURING AGENT 95040, polyamide, is typically for use in tropical and subtropical climates. CURING AGENT 95570, polyamide adduct, facilitate curing at temperatures down to -10°C/14°F.


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