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Nuclear Plants

An experienced supplier of protective coatings to the nuclear power industry, Hempel has the expertise and product portfolio needed to fulfil the strict safety requirements of the nuclear power industry.

At Hempel, we supply specially designed coatings to use in turbine islands and nuclear islands, including the reactor confinement space. Our coatings conform to special nuclear industry requirements for easing decontamination, radiation resistance and the durability in the face of a design-base accident.

Coating every area of a nuclear power plant
As the main supplier to the Mochovce Power Plant in Slovakia, Hempel coatings protect every area of two new nuclear reactor units on ‘nuclear island’, from steel structures to technology equipment such as pumps, tanks, security systems and pipes. Our coatings also protect the 200,000 square metres of steel structures on ‘turbine island’, a less strictly controlled area of the plant. The two units are scheduled to go online in 2013.

Industry leading coating advice
Hempel offers specifically designed coatings to the nuclear energy industry, as well as technical service and advice from FROSIO/NACE certified coatings advisors. With our global team of project managers and technical advisors, we can manage any large-scale project, from initial specifications to final coating.


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