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Conventional Plants

With a global service and diverse product portfolio, Hempel serves the needs of the power industry around the world, from the world’s largest bio-diesel plant in Singapore to coal power plants in the Czech Republic.

Hempel offers specifically designed coatings to the energy industry, as well as technical service and advice from FROSIO/NACE certified coatings advisors. With our global team of project managers and technical advisors, we can manage any large-scale project, from initial specifications to final coating. Contact us to find out more.

Coating the world’s largest bio-diesel power plant
Building the world’s largest bio-diesel power plant takes a great deal of international coordination. The plant in Singapore was commissioned by a Finnish company and designed and engineered in Italy. Around 120,000 litres of Hempel coatings, mainly produced in our factories in Asia, protect the steel structures from corrosion. And as the customer was so satisfied with our service and coating solution, they’ve also asked us to work with them on an identical plant in the Netherlands.

Fully Hempel coating coal-fired power station
From the plant floors to the inside of the cooling pipes, pretty much every surface in the new 660 megawatt unit at Ledvice Coal-fired Power Plant in the Czech Republic is protected from corrosion by Hempel coatings. One of the main suppliers to the Czech national grid, the plant sits next to the German border near the town of Teplice. Much of the structure for the new unit was coated onsite, while more than half of the steel for the boiler house was manufactured and coated in yards in Poland and China – with the help of Hempel coating advisors in both countries.

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