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Mining and Mineral Processing

Hempel coating systems are used in mining and mineral processing plants around the world. Our products protect infrastructure, buildings and equipment from corrosion, helping prolong lifetimes and reduce maintenance requirement.

All Hempel coatings have been quality tested and approved in order to ensure you benefit from high quality and durable corrosion protection, even in harsh environments. We can coat and protect most areas of mining and mineral processing plants, including:

  • Primary processing
  • Smelters and refineries
  • Transport and shiploading
  • Mining equipment

Any surface, any mineral
Our product range comprises high-quality coatings for new buildings and easy-maintenance coatings for specific environmental conditions. In other words, no matter what mineral you work with – from coal to precious metals – we have the right coating solution for your needs.

Global solutions for local needs
Our specialist coatings for the mining and minerals processing industries meet international industry standards. But we also have local R&D offices around the world who work with our customers to adapt our solutions to ensure they meet the specific demands of local legislation and the operating environment.

Industry leading coatings advice
Our FROSIO/NACE certified coatings advisors can offer advice and training to ensure every coating layer is applied quickly and according to specifications.

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