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Light Industry and OEM's

As a global supplier of quality coatings for light industry, Hempel provides corrosion protection for industrial facilities that manufacture consumer goods. This includes the following industries: papermaking, tobacco, beverage manufacturing, textiles, cosmetics, urban lighting, glass and industrial flooring.

With our epoxy primer, acrylic polyurethane/epoxy intermediate coat and acrylic polyurethane top coat, we provide long-lasting protection for light industry equipment. Customers using our coating solutions include Guangxi Hwagain Group, Xiamen Tobacco Group and TAECO Hangar.

Hempel is a leading global supplier of quality engineering coatings. We provide OEM coatings for excavating machines, soil transport machines, sanitation machines, compacting machines, piling and concrete machines, and paving machines. Our coatings are also used in water pipes, including those for raw water and drinking water. Hempel’s WRAS, WAC-NSF-certified high solids coatings conform to global drinking water sanitation standards that are applicable to the inner and outer walls of steel pipes of any diameter. We have partnerships with a number of domestic OEMs such as NFLG, Zoomlion, XINXING DUCTILE IRON PIPES, Zhongshan Walcham Pipes, and Guangdong Yue Gang Water Supply.

Global solutions for local needs
Our specialist coatings for the mining and minerals processing industries meet international industry standards. But we also have local R&D offices around the world who work with our customers to adapt our solutions to ensure they meet the specific demands of local legislation and the operating environment.

Industry leading coatings advice
Our FROSIO/NACE certified coatings advisors can offer advice and training to ensure every coating layer is applied quickly and according to specifications.


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