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Cranes and Port Machinery

Cranes are the lifeblood of every port and container terminal – and maintenance downtime is both expensive and disruptive, even when it is carefully scheduled. That’s why more and more ports and terminals are specifying protective coating systems from Hempel.

With a strong protective coating, port and terminal cranes can remain more productive for longer. A robust coating protects the crane from wear and tear, helping extend the crane’s lifetime and reducing the need for maintenance. All this leads to a higher return on investment for port and terminal owners.

This is why Hempel has become the world’s leading suppliers of protective coatings to the crane industry, working with customers such as Fantuzzi Reggiane, Noell, ZPMC, Liebherr and Paceco. Over the past years, Hempel has supplied high quality coating to over 1500 large port cranes in China.

Global solutions for local needs
All our coatings meet the high demands of the crane industry. But we also have local R&D offices around the world who work with our customers to adapt our solutions to ensure they meet the specific demands of local legislation and environment conditions.

Industry leading coatings advice
Hempel offers specifically designed coatings for crane manufacturers, and our FROSIO/NACE certified coatings advisors can offer advice and training to help streamline your production line and ensure every coating layer is applied according to specifications.


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