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Fire protection coatings

Our durable intumescent fire protection coatings give you reliable fire protection, lower maintenance requirements and improved long-term performance.

Using our extensive experience of anti-corrosive coatings, we have optimised our Hempacore range of intumescent coatings for durability and long-term performance. As a result, you benefit from longer life cycles and lower maintenance requirements.

Used around the globe on a wide range of structures, from the steel frames of sports stadia to airports and skyscrapers, our Hempacore coatings intended for cellulosic fires  are formulated for quick application, either onsite or offsite. They can be specified for 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes of passive fire protection, and the range also includes Hempacore AQ, a waterborne VOC-free coating that complies with the latest environmental standards for green building.


Hempacore has you covered
Our Hempacore range helps to protect structural steel both inside and out including:
• industrial halls
• public buildings
• stadiums
• exhibition halls
• airports
• railway stations
• supermarkets

Full system supplier
We have a broad range of primers and topcoats that are approved for use with Hempacore, giving us the flexibility to tailor-make a coating solution to fit any project.

Having one supplier makes it easier for you to get the ideal coatings combinations, and you are assured that they are fully compatible.

Excellent application properties
Hempacore is designed with the applicator in mind.
• Competitive loadings give good fire protection performance at low DFT’s
• High maximum dry film thickness per coat
• Wide application window to enable great working flexibility
• Easy application across wide temperature range
• Fast drying products
• Durable coatings that are less sensitive towards weather and potential damage during transportation and construction
• Products with a wide range of approvals to help you to minimise stock levels

Engineering support
Our specialists are ready to support your project from the initial stages. Just provide us with the project data and we will use our own dedicated specification software to propose the right solution for you. Our specialists ensure all factors are taken into account, such as the required fire protection properties, the architecture of the structure, profile types, application techniques, transport methods, local weather conditions, legislation, aesthetic and economic aspects of the whole project.

Certifications and approvals
With the Hempacore intumescent range, you get coatings with a very wide scope of both international and local approvals.

The global approvals include:
• BS 476-21
• EN 13381-8
• GB 14907
• GOST 53295
• AS1530.4

For more information, please contact your local Hempel office.


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