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Airports and Terminals

From intumescent paints to attractively coloured all interiors, Hempel coatings can be applied to almost any airport surface to protect it from corrosion – and make it more attractive.

Every time you walk from the gate to your plane – anywhere in the world – there’s a good chance you’re walking on a structure protected by Hempel. That’s because Hempel coatings protect 99% of the passenger boarding bridges produced each year. So, next time you board a plane, think of us.

But we don’t just supply coatings for boarding bridges. Our coatings also protect many airports around the world – from some of the largest to some of smallest – from the corrosive forces of nature. We offer a full range of coatings for large industrial complexes, as well as specific airport equipment, including an advanced range of intumescent paints.

Locally tailored airport solutions
But we also strive to meet our customers where they are – so we can tailor our solutions to the unique demands of their environment. This is what we have local R&D offices around the world, ready to work with you to adapt our solutions to your specific demands.

Industry leading coatings advice
Our FROSIO/NACE certified coatings advisors can offer advice and training to ensure every coating layer is applied according to specifications.


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