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Hempaguard X8-88940


Hempaguard X8 is an advanced fouling defence coating based on ActiGuard® technology which utilizes the added effect of advanced hydrogel silicone and an efficient fouling preventing biocide to boost the antifouling barrier, prolong the fouling free period and minimize hull roughness. Hempaguard X8, as part of the Hempaguard MaX system, possesses a very high fuel saving potential and is also suitable for vessels operating with long service intervals (up to 90 months) and/or very long idle periods (up to 120 days). Hempaguard X8 is an advanced fouling defence coating, based on silicone, with high solids content.

Area of use

For all vessels, with no limitation on service speeds, including slow/ultraslow steaming vessels Hempaguard X8 is an advanced fouling defence coating with high solids content. The product is also suitable for propellers. This product does not contain organotin compounds acting as biocides and complies with the International Convention on the Control of Harmful Antifouling Systems on Ships as adopted by IMO October 2001 (IMO document AFS/CONF/26).