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High temperatures: 45141 with CURING AGENT 97820 Low to medium temperatures: 45143 with CURING AGENT 97430 HEMPADUR 45141/45143 is a two-component, polyamide adduct cured epoxy paint with good wetting properties and low water permeability. It is selfpriming and forms a hard and tough coating which has good resistance against abrasion and impact as well as to seawater, mineral oils, aliphatic hydrocarbons and splashes from petrol and related products. Harmless to grain cargoes.

Area of use

1. As a high build primer, intermediate and/or finishing coat in (heavy duty) paint systems according to specification. (As a finishing coat where a cosmetic appearance is of less importance). 2. For repair and maintenance work at application temperatures above -10°C/14°F on hatch covers, decks, in cargo holds, etc. 3. As a ballast tank coating. HEMPADUR 45143 is intended for use in cold/temperate climates, HEMPADUR 45141 for warmer climates.