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Fouling Release

With a range of fouling release coatings, all designed to reduce vessels' fuel consumption, Hempel is the shipping industries no. 1 fouling release supplier.

Silicone-based fouling release coatings create a smooth non-stick surface on the hull so fouling organisms can’t attach. The result is less drag in the water, lower fuel consumption and fewer CO2  emissions. 

HEMPASIL X3: the fouling release coating with a fuel saving guarantee
Based on advanced hydrogel technology, the award-winning HEMPASIL X3 offers shipowners unrivalled fuel-saving potential. A completely biocide-free product, HEMPASIL X3 not only reduces fuel consumption, but also cuts associated CO2 emissions without leaching any harmful chemicals into the marine environment - on any type of marine vessel.

Our range of fouling release coatings can be applied on existing antifouling and fouling release coatings. You can make the switch to one of our fuel saving coatings at any time using our worldclass tiecoat technologies.

All our fouling release coatings are biocide free and have a high solids volume, which means fewer solvents are released into the marine environment.


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