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With a full range of advanced self-polishing antifouling coatings, we can protect your most important assets from harmful fouling organisms - and help you reduce fuel bills and associated emissions.

Hempel’s antifouling solutions protect vessels from harmful organisms, such as algae and barnacles. And with a full range of products available, we can protect any vessel, operating in almost any conditions.

For up to 90 months between drydocks
Our antifoulings work by a careful release of biocides - to keep your vessel’s hull smooth and fouling free. The systems can be designed to work for anything from 36 months to 90 months, depending on your preferred maintenance schedule.

Fuel-saving coatings for any segment
Whatever business or waters your vessel operates in, you can find a coating solution from Hempel that meets you needs - both in terms of initial investment and fuel-saving potential. And, as all our coatings have been developed and tested over many years, you know they will deliver what you need.


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