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With a full range of cost-effective paints and coatings that are easy to apply, Hempel has all your onboard maintenance needs covered.

With more than 150 stock points strategically located around the globe, Hempel can supply you with a full range of onboard maintenance coatings at short notice, at almost any port in the world.

We provide a full range of user-friendly coatings that will work with your existing system to keep your vessel protected against corrosion between drydockings.

Why onboard maintenance
Every protective coating needs to be systematically maintained. Weather exposure, mechanical impact and chemical spills can all damage protective coatings - and these damaged areas can soon begin to corrode.

As a result, onboard maintenance is important to keep corrosion at bay. It ensures your vessel stays in pristine condition, and reduces the cost and time required in scheduled drydockings.

A coating check up for your vessel
Our FROSIO/NACE certified coating advisors are on hand to help ensure your vessel is in optimum condition. During a condition survey, the coating adviser inspects the steel surfaces and analyses the extent of corrosion and coating issues. They then recommend what maintenance is required, including advice on surface preparation and maintenance specifications, as well as which coatings to use from your existing store.

Help your crew plan onboard maintenance
We supply maintenance manuals and posters to help your crew plan and execute maintenance work. Issued after a close evaluation of the vessel’s requirements and your company’s maintenance policy, these recommendations give your crew easy steps to follow when planning and carrying out onboard painting jobs.


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