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Ballast Tanks

The condition of the ballast tanks can be decisive for the vessel's service-life. With a full range of proven and certified coating systems, Hempel can keep your ballast tanks safe from corrosion.

Ballast tanks often make up the largest area of the steel structure of a marine vessel - and the structural integrity of the tanks is integral to the vessel’s operational safety, efficiency and service life. That’s why we make choosing the optimum ballast tank protection system a priority.

Choosing the ideal ballast tank coating system
Selecting the right ballast tank coating system is not only done during the newbuild stage. For optimal performance and service life, the coating should be reviewed during maintenance stops in drydock, as well as during on-board maintenance carried out by the crew.
Hempel help you select the perfect ballast tank coating system every time, whether you are looking to coat a new vessel, or touching up an existing coating during drydock.

The perfect coating, whatever the application situation
At Hempel, we supply ballast tank coatings that comply with all the latest regulations, including IMO-PSPC type approved products, to ensure you get optimum ballast tank performance and optimised efficiency during application in the shipyard. We also supply coatings specially developed to simplify on-board maintenance procedures.


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