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Hempel's new fouling defence system wins Shipping Efficiency 2014 award

HEMPAGUARD®, a ground-breaking hull coating concept from Danish coatings manufacturer Hempel, has won Shipping Efficiency’s prestigious Environmental Technology award. Presented yesterday (2 October) in London, the award is an endorsement of a technology that “makes a significant contribution to environmental impact reduction or prevention to ships.”


Judges on the panel included ABS Director of Energy Efficiency, Jan Otto de Kat; and the Secretary General of the International Chamber of Shipping & International Shipping Federation, Peter Hinchliffe.

Hempel’s HEMPAGUARD® was launched in 2013 and has shown an outstanding resistance to fouling during idle periods, significant fuel savings and is providing shipowners with trading flexibility. The coating was over five years in development and was introduced to the shipping industry against a backdrop of rising bunkering costs, tightening environmental regulations and the introduction of mandatory Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans (SEEMP).

HEMPAGUARD® is based on Hempel’s patented ActiGuard® technology.  ActiGuard® integrates silicone-hydrogel and full diffusion control of biocides in a single coating. Surface retention of the biocide activates the hydrogel, which effectively holds fouling organisms at bay, cutting friction to a minimum while utilising a minimum amount of biocide. It also has the long-term stability and mechanical properties required of a durable solution.

Claes Skat-Rørdam, Fouling Control Manager, says: “We are proud and delighted that HEMPAGUARD® has been recognised by the expert judges on the Shipping Efficiency Award panel as an environmental leader. HEMPAGUARD® is a completely new technology that combines the best of both worlds: the smooth, fuel-efficient surface from silicone coatings and the durable protection against fouling known from antifoulings.”

He added:“However, what is most remarkable about HEMPAGUARD® is that it releases 95 per cent less biocide than traditional antifoulings and yet, it still has a significantly better performance. HEMPAGUARD® enables our customers to improve their efficiency at sea, while reducing the impact on the environment.”

Award organiser Fathom’s Director of Strategy, Catherine Austin said:
“We are absolutely delighted with the response the Ship Efficiency Awards has received from the maritime community, who have enthusiastically taken it on board – this is proven through the breadth and depth of nominations we received from the world over. It’s truly fantastic to be a part of it.”

HEMPAGUARD® shows excellent fouling resistance for up to 120 days during idle periods and fuel savings of six per cent on average over a full docking interval.
Hempel offers a performance satisfaction guarantee contract for vessels complying with a full HEMPAGUARD® X7 specification (one of the two products in the HEMPAGUARD® series).

HEMPAGUARD® is also extremely flexible, covering all combinations of sailing routes and trading patterns. Unlike regular hull coatings that, in general, are specified according to the vessel’s speed and activity level, HEMPAGUARD® retains its effectiveness when switching between slow and fast steaming.