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Faster maintenance means less downtime for the power and oil & gas sectors

Maintaining productivity is vital for the power and oil & gas sectors where taking equipment offline for routine maintenance will cost time and money.


Bulk storage tanks, process vessels, frac tanks and secondary containment areas require an internal coating that is both heavy duty – to lengthen re-coating intervals – as well as being quick and easy to apply.

In tune with sector requirements, we’ve just launched a new range of internal epoxy linings – Hempaline Defend – to protect steel and concrete from aggressive chemicals, extremes of temperature and other adverse conditions.

The beauty of Hempaline Defend lies in its single-coat system that comes with a choice of hardeners. This means that an asset can be re-coated and returned to service in as little as 24 hours. This, together with its heavy-duty performance, ensures that production downtime is kept to a minimum.

A 100% solids ratio gives a VOC-free and low-odour solution and a glass flake-reinforced alternative is available for tank bottoms as well as a ceramic-filled epoxy for abrasive cargoes.

The Hempaline Defend range now includes epoxy linings as well as vinyl ester coatings to deliver a complete internal and external protective solution.

The Hempaline Defend range is currently available in South East Asia and the Middle East, where they are locally produced for shorter delivery times.


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